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The Reverend Doctor Kimberly Credit serves as the first female and seventh Pastor at the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Boonton Township, New Jersey. She was elected as Pastor in December 2015, with 95% of the vote. Prior to that, she served at Mount Zion as their Interim Pastor, for eight months. In a short time, under her visionary leadership, tremendous growth has occurred at the church on various levels.  Pastor Credit lovingly shepherds the congregation with the philosophy "No Saint Left Behind."

Dr. Credit is a theologian and an apologist.  She received a BA in Psychology from the William Paterson University, in New Jersey.  She received both her Master of Divinity (May 2012) and her Doctor of Ministry degrees (May 2015).  Both degrees were earned at the New York Theological Seminary in NY. Her Doctor of Ministry dissertation focused on Homiletics and Christian Apologetics.

Dr. Kimberly Credit leads the Doctor of Ministry Cohort for the Transformational Preaching at Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio (2018).  She is an adjunct professor of Homiletics, Christian Apologetics, Baptist Polity and History both locally and abroad. Prior, Dr. Credit successfully designed and served as the Doctor of Ministry Cohort Director of the Inaugural Transformational Preaching Program at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, until her resignation in January 2018. In addition, she has taught courses at New York Theological Seminary and Nyack Christian College, both of New York, NY.

Dr. Credit was the first African American woman to lecture at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics (2014) and remains an annual lecturer for the conference. In addition, she is the first female preacher to ever present in the E.K. Bailey Expository Preaching Conference in Dallas, Texas (2018) in its 23-year history.

Dr. Credit is very passionate about Prayer, Homiletics, Evangelism, Christian Apologetics, Leadership Training, Christian Education, and Outreach Ministry, especially to those considered by society to be "the least of these." She has always had a passion for investing in preachers and leaders. She has written over 100 Christian teaching articles, served as a guest columnist for the Living Pulpit, and wrote weekly Christian articles that lead people to Christ for a secular regional newspaper.

Dr. Credit was licensed to preach, by Rev. Carey E. McCall III, at the Saint Paul Baptist Church of Passaic, NJ. There, she served faithfully, reformed the Christian Education Ministry, led in the development of 14 ministries and planned several successful conferences, until Pastor McCall (who she affectionately refers to as her Father-in-Ministry) relocated, in 2012. After helping the church to stabilize, she resigned on December 31, 2012.

In January 2013, Dr. Credit accepted the invitation to join the ministerial staff of Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, where Rev. John H. Gamble Jr. is the senior pastor. There, she served as an associate minister and the Minister of Christian Education & Discipleship and provided leadership training for all church officers, ministers, leaders, and teachers.  After serving faithfully, at the request of Rev. John H. Gamble, Jr. and the Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Newark, N.J., she was ordained by the Permanent Council of the North Jersey District Missionary Baptist Association in 2014. She was the first to be ordained by this pastor and the first female to be ordained in the church's history. 

Although there for just two years, fruitful ministry resulted in every area of ministry in which she served. Most notably was the young adult ministry, which originated with and grew under her leadership. Her young adult ministry was featured in the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. Christian Education Magazine, The Informer, in 2015.

Dr. Credit is the Founder and Director of "The Preaching Lab," a monthly preaching clinic where preachers can hone their craft. Dr. Credit also serves as the Vice - President of the African American Clergy Association of Morris County, New Jersey. Dr. Credit also travels regularly to preach, lecture and train preachers and leaders across the nation.

Dr. Credit was widowed at a young age and is the mother of one son who is currently a first-year graduate student.

Dr. Credit is a godly woman of high integrity, who is sincere, fiercely loyal and compassionate. She enjoys reading, traveling and horseback riding.  She simply desires to be known as "the woman who is about God's business."

For all preaching, lecturing or leadership training requests, please contact Tanya Simmons, Assistant to the Pastor at 973-335-7607 ext. 8 or PastorsAssistant@mtzionboonton.org


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